June 1, 2008



    Time passes and we fill our days coping,
    Although we ailed in turn,
    There was little moping,
    So passed May,
    We crsashed, not burned !

    Forward we look,
    To June,
    A better book,
    We  hope soon,
    To have our look.

    We are well right now,
    At least as we can be,
    Holy Cow,
    Is this me ?
    A word or two in the Wondering Jew at Diaryland asd well
    ere my hands and fingers give out like complete. 

May 2, 2008



    Recent days growing things in bursting bloom,
    Elating tints,
    Seems to be full, no room,
    Yesterday degrees 82 – no stints.

    Casa Bonita  4/27/08

    Nighborhood Apple  4/25/08

    And then today, a quirk,
    A change in the weather,
    Snow the size of baseballs, oh what work,
    Boreas does, dont know whether,
    It is me who he does irk ?


    Weather guessers,
    Take a stab,
    Under pressure,
    And blab,
    Warmin’ up Sunday fer sure !







April 17, 2008



    Mid April it is,
    In its usual bent,
    Doing its usual fizz,
    And we live with what is sent !
    Beautiul day yesterday, sunny and above 82 degrees,
    Today (Wednesday) nicely sunny but doing a 180 desgree  thingy.
    about lunchtime turning cloudy, turning rainy and later
    beginning to snow.- — – - – about 10:30 PM now, grass
    and bushes quite snowy white,
    streets still wet.
    There is a name for it, this grisly weather – - – -

     Swirlling, whirling,  we impatiently ride

April 12, 2008


    Work and fun,
    Birthday sked,
    For this old one,
    On the 11th errands finally dead, 
    After   Heather’s treat of bluerberry pancake breakfast for a startl.

    Return to home and mailbox,
    More fun,
    Package from daughter in Oregon,
    Books, cards and early bed for this son.

    The 12th was early food preparation,
    For afternoon Birthday Open House,
    On the dot family showed up as a nation,
    Far be it from me to grouse,
    Over this operation.

    Wall to wall Moms and Dads,
    Little great grands galore,
    Weather reasonable not bad,
    Balls and sticks  and playthings more,
    With Dads in turn playing and glad,
    To prevent childish gore.

    Beaucoup pictures,
    I’ll just show two,

    Cake of course,
    Blue for sky, green for leaves, white for clouds, yellow for spring flowers,
    Ain’t a horse,
    But to my taste by the powers !

    Most precious treasure of our relations
    The great grands,
    By great grandpa, taking their stations.
    I’m surprised my left hand, arm and wrist held out this long.
    They’re hurtin for certain now.   Guess Kelli and Bonnie will
    have to keep on as reporters of my doings yet, God Willing.  




April 5, 2008



    Some days ago,  
    Weather, sunny and warm,
    A bit early you know,
    But we could see no harm.

    Prospect Park our goal,
    And it was swarming with  two and four leggers,,
    No need for coal,
    Nor A/C needed for beggars.

    Lazing in my chair creekside,
    Watching a man and his folk,
    Wife sitting back her time does bide,
    Dad teaching kids how to skip  rocks.


    Mixed in days after, cold, snow, some rain mixed with days of sun,
    Spring is almost here


March 15, 2008



    Been  a long time,
    Since I rang your chime,
    Typing rhyme,
    For me is a long climb.

    Reading your entries,
    Doesn’t take sentries,
    Moving a mouse,
    In my house,
                                                   And one handed too.
    Specially using my good hand.


    Our granddaughter, her hub  and their three
    Kids were visiting family in
    Denver  ands they cames by for coffee, a visit.
    Couldn’t resist a shot of  youngest grandson drawing.


    Love your entries, e-mails, cards and calls,

    Fingers and wrists too tired to go on  – - – -




February 22, 2008

  • Little to say today,
    Hurtin’ some,
    Could be worse in many a way,
    Another radiation treatment to come,
    This afternoon, today.

    Supposed to have a consult from Doc,
    Wonder which way he shall point my prow ?

    I’ll try to let you all know,
    Later when we get home.
    ‘Til then,
    Sayonara . . . . . . .


February 1, 2008

  • Monday Morning

    Off to Broomfield,
    Near Boulder,
    On deck, signed and sealed,
    For a  hotsy-totsy biopsy.

    Wish me luck good friends.

January 28, 2008

  • Mondzy night  Jan. 28, 2009

    After the re-run,
    Catskun agin,
    I aspire,
    This time the real skinny pops up,
    Hope it’ll be good.

    Kelli should know,
    cause ’tis early in the am it shall be took.


January 22, 2008


    ‘Twas near night,
    Across town we did go,
    Cold and snow and night was Made Real Interesting,

    From across the Platte is town,
    But much merriment within.

    My MRI was sched for 8:30 PM,
    We ate first, then to clinic,
    Puzzled a crossword, ahem,
    Till it turned cynic.

    Then my turn on the noisy table,
    Which seemed to last forever,
    Perhaps results mable,
    Will show what’s wrong.

    Thence reveresed direction,
    And headed home,

    Lights danced jiggly,
    Street bumps made them more wiggly.

    The elite seat of the ruckus,
    Was D&F Tower, lined by lit trees.


    Then by the place where they do the,
    Blue Shimmy,
    Through a somewhat alcoholic haze,
    My camera it does amaze.


     Then a sprightly race track,
    Made  me want to turn back,
    And see who won the jack.



    Just before we crossed the river,
    Was the site de la sight,
    The grand finale of ,
    MRI night.


    I must  be feeling better, or pehaps a tad crazier.

    g’nite all