Month: June 2008


    Speaking of falling,
    Which I wasn’t,
    But will  — as it is calling,
    Big Mouth Berserk,
    No Stone Walling . . . . . .

    Due to age and such,
    Things detrimental,
    My body doesn’t respond much,
    To exercise torrential,
    So  I find mydself in “Dutch”,

    Changes in posture and gait,
    Skews my balance a bit,
    Consequentially it does wait,
    ‘Til I’m out of it,
    And much too late,
    To save face.

    SO  . . . . . . . . . . 
    T’other day,
    Face down I was,
    In our driveway,
    Erasing gravel with my forehead.

    Scabs, scratches and scars resultant,
    Perhaps a psychiatrist or M.D., should be my consultant.


    Really happened  – - – Bounced my skulll in our driveway,
    All but stubborn scabs remain.
    Note to self – - -
    Watch your balance !





    The act of festination,
    In all creastion,
    Has little relation,
    To anything common sensical,
    Look it as rather nonsensical.

    ‘Tis an out of time body,
    A feverish frame of mind,
    Amid a nation of uncoordination,
    Wherein the pickled feet wind,
    Rapid fire.

    Let me tell my story afore it gets gory,
    The body in search of equilbrium,
    Tries to match forward motion of upper story,
    But like the Indian said, “They don’t agree’um,

    So, like a Danse Macbre,
    The body,  continues to weavw and bob,
    Oft ending face down, a bloody blob.

    Try that on a stair case. huh ?




  • DSCN4882


    This year,
    Spring said to me,
    I plight my troth to you,
    “Summer shall bring bounteous beauty,
    By my early green,”
    And it is seen !





    A place not far from home,
    By  a lake calm aned blue,
    There is space for some,
    Who seek to renew,
    The peace and love God meant,
    And so live in content.






    Meanders the River Platte,
    Taking its time you know,
    Has time and all that,
    As Atlanticwards it doth go.


    Late afternoon ’tis observed all-in-all,
    By a fiery eye,
    Of Old Sol,
    They bid each other, “Good Bye,”

    I shall post as often as I can, more in notify list.



    Trying to wet my feet again,
    Few words and a pic or two,
    Last night no pics in the pen,
    Maybe this’ll do.


    Lil’ Gal named Immie,
    Newer model of “Great G’daughter,
    Doll in one hand, in head a “gimmie,”
    Behain’ like she oughter.


    Heather in recovery,
    Observing Immie with love,
    At the double barreled birthday party, she’s a bit hovery,
    On Look Out Mountain,  way above.


    Birthday cakes, single file,
    Just before the big blow,
    After a big dinner, it took a while,
    The goodies to stow.
    I don’t go missing on purpose,  that’s just the way it is.
    I’ll be back ASAP, but in the meantime, if you wish, give  Kelli at her e-mail addy to
    find out how things are going.   She is my beloved cyber sister and a saint. 






    Time passes and we fill our days coping,
    Although we ailed in turn,
    There was little moping,
    So passed May,
    We crsashed, not burned !

    Forward we look,
    To June,
    A better book,
    We  hope soon,
    To have our look.

    We are well right now,
    At least as we can be,
    Holy Cow,
    Is this me ?
    A word or two in the Wondering Jew at Diaryland asd well
    ere my hands and fingers give out like complete.