June 18, 2008



    The act of festination,
    In all creastion,
    Has little relation,
    To anything common sensical,
    Look it as rather nonsensical.

    ‘Tis an out of time body,
    A feverish frame of mind,
    Amid a nation of uncoordination,
    Wherein the pickled feet wind,
    Rapid fire.

    Let me tell my story afore it gets gory,
    The body in search of equilbrium,
    Tries to match forward motion of upper story,
    But like the Indian said, “They don’t agree’um,

    So, like a Danse Macbre,
    The body,  continues to weavw and bob,
    Oft ending face down, a bloody blob.

    Try that on a stair case. huh ?




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  • You are no bug on a rug.
    No ephemeral drug.
    The burden you lug,
    Would make Atlas shrug.
    Yet, your train does chug.
    Our heart strings, you tug.
    Accept this far away hug.
    Long live, our Denver Doug.

    (I’ve been reading a lot of Dr.Seuss lately to the kids.


  • You do realize that if I got down on the floor like this it would be a huge effort to get me back up again.

  • I sure hope you didnt fall down the stairs !!

    Good to see you writing again-hope your both well

  • nice to see your font and your humour again.
    I hope all was ok on the floor there. I don’t think i would make it up if I were down there!

  • I’ve found myself many times on the ground. What a surprise it is to me. Moments before I was upright.
    Nice to hear from you Doug.

  • oh, my.  i hope you were just doing exercises.  glad to hear from you–anytime!  take care, doug.

  • You remind me of Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling. What moving picture was that, Doug??

    Hope all is well with you and Heather!!!

  • Bless your heart, Doug!  It’s “some ol’ good” (as we say on th’coast o’ Maine) to see you posting.  Hope that you are feeling as frisky as your poem.

    Hugs from half-way round,

    ~ Sil in Corea

  • Hope you were just exercising. Nice to see you here. *Hugs*

  • You make exercises of style Doug and also physical exercises . You have a sweet carpet ! Fortunatly .

    Glad to read you and to taste your humor .

    In friendship

  • Heh you land on the floor, I stagger into techs or walls until they made me sit in that wheel about chair. We’d make a dandy pair!

  • Doug, I hope you’re just doing your exercises too, and didn’t really fall.  Those unexpected falls can be nasty, and they’re all unexpected, aren’t they?   Hope you and Heather are feeling better.


  • God loves you , So do I.  Better day is a coming. 

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