June 12, 2008

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    This year,
    Spring said to me,
    I plight my troth to you,
    “Summer shall bring bounteous beauty,
    By my early green,”
    And it is seen !



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  • Hey, Dear Daddy Doug! So good to see you posting one of you wonderful, fun poems!!! I think of you so often. And I’m still praying for you! Spring was right…it’s a beautiful summer already here! Love the photo…and I always love your poems.

    How are you feeling??!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  • Beautiful flowers on a beautiful bush. I have this very same plant in my yard and I love it!

  • This is beautiful.

  • @PollyannaPest - 

    Thanks so sending me this way the picture is beautiful and the poem so sweet

  • Might those be forsithia blooms? Lovely poem Doug.

  • Doug, continue to be so happy when I see a post from you. Know the effort you go to to send sunny greetings out to us.

  • I pray for you and yours everyday my friend. God bless you and keep you.
    I really enjoy your poems and photos.

  • Glad to see your post.  Love the poem and photo, too.  Coreans call forsythia Can’ary (accent on the first syllable) and it grows wild here.  Guess you can see why I can easily remember that word, heheheh.

    Lots of Hugs to you and Heather,

    ~ Sil in Corea

  • It is a blessing of rebirth

  • Hi Doug. It makes my day when I see that you have updated. I’m glad you are well, my friend.

    Hugs to you,


  • Happy Father’s Day to you my friend ~

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