June 4, 2008



    A place not far from home,
    By  a lake calm aned blue,
    There is space for some,
    Who seek to renew,
    The peace and love God meant,
    And so live in content.




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  • Good to see you again my friend.
    Many many hugs*

  • To bad in a way that parking lots are there.

    Will try and call tomorrow.

  • Hi there Doug, I’m so glad to see you dropping in more often these days. Guess what? Our Willy is celebrating his 94th birthday next week and still going strong. Can you imagine, he just came back from a couple of weeks in Bali. Anyway I’m having his usual cyber bash next Thursday, this year in Orinda. If you’re up to it, we’d love to have you drop in. I’m way behind in preparations. I’ve been so busy, just graduated from a 2 year course in lay ministry. I am now a Licenced Lay Worship Leader (whoop de doo). That’s all for now. *Hugs* Wilma

  • Just beautiful the lake, and the words.   All good wishes go out to you and yours.

  • Wonderful words. I have places like that in my life too.

  • Those special places of peace are what John and I look for when we are out.  We don’t have many outstanding sites  close to us but we can find little things which help us to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures.  Just getting out of the house and relaxing in a sunny spot or shade if its hot is a blessing.  A bit of food helps so we don’t have to hurry away or back home.

    We look forward to any nice day and nice can even be misty or rainy.  Sometimes the smell of the outdoors makes the day incredibly nice. 

    We have family coming in a couple of weeks so I hope we don’t get any great amount of heat.  I look forward to a small family group together just relaxing on the porch talking and munching away.

  • A peaceful and vast horizon to ressource oneself . Add to this a light breeze and it will be perfect!
    In riendship

  • Beautiful vantage point! Hey, Sweet Doug! I just wanted to stop by and say HEY and leave you some hugs! So good to see you writing and posts. You are in my prayers still.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  • Wow, this is really nice.

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