June 24, 2008


    Speaking of falling,
    Which I wasn’t,
    But will  — as it is calling,
    Big Mouth Berserk,
    No Stone Walling . . . . . .

    Due to age and such,
    Things detrimental,
    My body doesn’t respond much,
    To exercise torrential,
    So  I find mydself in “Dutch”,

    Changes in posture and gait,
    Skews my balance a bit,
    Consequentially it does wait,
    ‘Til I’m out of it,
    And much too late,
    To save face.

    SO  . . . . . . . . . . 
    T’other day,
    Face down I was,
    In our driveway,
    Erasing gravel with my forehead.

    Scabs, scratches and scars resultant,
    Perhaps a psychiatrist or M.D., should be my consultant.


    Really happened  – - – Bounced my skulll in our driveway,
    All but stubborn scabs remain.
    Note to self – - -
    Watch your balance !



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  • Ouch! That smarts. And yet when we do things like that ( I fell out of my truck into my driveway last year) the people who love us seem to spend a lot of time questoning our smarts. That smarts too. Funny how when we were boys and did something like that our folks would ask us if the driveway was alright after being banged with our head. I can almost hear my Daddy asking me if there is a hole in the driveway now. =)

    Hang on there and hang in there, friend. You are not losing your grip with this slip.

    I hope you follow the example of the man who fell into the upholstery machine. He was fully recovered in no time.

    Old Hat

  • oh dear, doug!  hope the scabs go away soon.  glad that was all that was hurt and maybe your pride.

  • I shall send you a tube of liniment for your dignity. I’m glad the rest of you is as okay as it’s going to be.

  • OUCH!!! I’m so sorry to hear you have another hurt to deal with. Take care!

  • Hey you, be careful. I know that the altitude in the Rockie’s Mtn.’s can make a person feel kind of light headed. I’m glad you are ok.

  • And then there are those of us who take falls like that all the time with no excuse at all… Hope you’re OK. *Hugs*

  • Yep, me, too.  I can count on taking at least one nose-dive every 6 to 8 months, sometimes more.  What’s a few more aches and pains, eh?  “It’s always something,” as Rosanne Roseannadama used to say.   Do take it easy, Doug.  Leave the ”slides” to the baseball players.

    Hugs from half way around,

    ~ Sil in Corea

  • You need a kevlar motorcycle helmet!

  • VEry sorry to hear you fell.  I have taken a tumble or three myself.  No fun at all especially when you leave portions of yourself on the pavement.  I hope your note to self stays in the forefront while moving about.  I keep a few notes myself. 

    Take care of you,

  • I hate hearing this, Doug. Please take it easy!

  • Don’t things like that happen fast?  One second you are upright and the next BOOM!    I live in fear of falling, breaking something important and then who would take care of Gordon?

    Be careful!


  • Ouch! Ew, that had to hurt like crazy.  Dang, Doug….let’s not make a  habit of this, hmmm?   I’ve taken a few myself, and it happens so fast, and then you lay there and wonder if this really did happen, and take recon to check it all out.



  • It was what I thought of when I was perched on my ladder to pick Cherries , Doug . I hope you feel better because this hard fall shocks the organism .
    Take care , my friend

  • God love you , Doug,  may the falls be less  and less.   Do take care.  Love and Hugs , 

  • Oh Doug!! Hope you’re okay, scabs and boo boos healing nicely! Happy solstice to you, a few days late. Best wishes from New York! ~ Jeanne

  • Now Doug, if you wanted to reroute your driveway, there must have been some kind of tools in your shed that would be more efficient than your nose!
    Seems like everyday we’re walking a tightrope anyway, so I guess it’s not unusual to fall off of it now and then. It still smarts, though, doesn’t it! Maybe the worst part is contemplating how bad it could have been, and how, painful as it is, you still got off pretty lucky. After all, you can still write, and that’s lucky for all of us!
    No more acrobatics in the driveway, please!

  • I hope you’re doing ok!!!

  • Nice poem!  Dang gravity anyways, always catching us by surprise. 

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