Month: January 2008

  • Mondzy night  Jan. 28, 2009

    After the re-run,
    Catskun agin,
    I aspire,
    This time the real skinny pops up,
    Hope it’ll be good.

    Kelli should know,
    cause ’tis early in the am it shall be took.



    ‘Twas near night,
    Across town we did go,
    Cold and snow and night was Made Real Interesting,

    From across the Platte is town,
    But much merriment within.

    My MRI was sched for 8:30 PM,
    We ate first, then to clinic,
    Puzzled a crossword, ahem,
    Till it turned cynic.

    Then my turn on the noisy table,
    Which seemed to last forever,
    Perhaps results mable,
    Will show what’s wrong.

    Thence reveresed direction,
    And headed home,

    Lights danced jiggly,
    Street bumps made them more wiggly.

    The elite seat of the ruckus,
    Was D&F Tower, lined by lit trees.


    Then by the place where they do the,
    Blue Shimmy,
    Through a somewhat alcoholic haze,
    My camera it does amaze.


     Then a sprightly race track,
    Made  me want to turn back,
    And see who won the jack.



    Just before we crossed the river,
    Was the site de la sight,
    The grand finale of ,
    MRI night.


    I must  be feeling better, or pehaps a tad crazier.

    g’nite all




    Some what painlessly, and with no harm,
    And with wind chill,
    Did stay warm,
    A bit of exercise – my fill.



    There are  times of pain and hurt,
    When, after pills and muscle relaxors,
    This old squirt mounts and speeds a burst,
    Not too often hell for leather.

    Drifting like a feather at times,
    I meet the strangest people,
    Sometimes on the church steeple,
    Maybe in there a creeple,
    Come into the crowd,
    Boistrously loud but  harmless.

    During these times I travel the world over,
    And if cold – go under cover,
    These strange people all know me,
    But until then I know them not.

    But I do get comfort and ease,
    And adventure too,
    Riding my Dream Cycle.

  • DO   YOU LOVE ME ?

    Tevye,  Fiddler on the Roof,
    Bluster, macho man,
    Much of him spoof,
    Spouting tradition,
    Yet a hard worker, inclined to goof.

    Toward the end of the show,
    Comes the song “Do You Love Me ?”
    In which his wife, usually silent you know,
    Answers Tevye’s question,
    With a litany of tasks of love,
    That only a loving wife would show.

    Much it is with  Heather and I,
    And has been from the start,
    She working away with a quiet sigh,
    Me, a big “I” with a  heart,

    Through the years,
    We gave of ourselves to each other,
    Fighting fears, shedding tears,
    Watching life uncover,
    Our fine children, the dears,
    Grow to people better than we.



    Oh,  my dearest,  you know I do !

  • Memories Bring Memories

    Kelli (, and I
    Became cyber brother and sister,
    Actual date not remembered;
    Sometime in 2001.

    I noticed this Kelli,
    Who answered many of,
    Al Schroeder’s Nova Note questions,
    Much as I would have.

    So we adopted each other.

    Her entry tonight by Poop and Boogies, brought a strong memory to me.

    It was early in our marriage,  Heather pregnant,
    Mom knew the happy event was ahead,
    And was looking forward with verve to it.

    I was working a job at the railroad during the war,
    Working the afternoon shift,
    Had been suffering the flu for several days,
    And on the way to work stopping by the hospital to visit Mom,
    She had her appendix out along with complications,
    They put a drain from her gall, hoping to get that out
    soon as she got over the shock of the appendectomy.

    I was as sick with the flu as I can ever remember,
    Came time to get ready to go to work,
    Stumbling, fumbling around,
    Trying to slurp coffee,
    And get dressed,
    Falling now and then.

    Ran for the street car line,
    Knowing I wouldn’t make it to hospital,
    And hurting because of it,
    I came running into the entryway of work,
    And met face to face one of Dad’s best friends.

    From the look of him I could see it was vitally serious,
    He told me that Mom was in a bad way,
    And that we needed to get there immediately.

    I ran up the stairs rather than wait for an elevator,
    Slowed to a dignified walk and entered her room,
    Dad, with tears in his eyes said,
    “Sorry son, she just went.”

    Aflow with tears I sank to the foot of her bed,
    My hand searched her dear soft foot, still warm with life.

    Grief lasted longer for me that time than ever since.
    I dearly remember her unselfish lovingness.


    Pain low enough that I could sleep,
    Lived a different dream life,
    Interesting night friends I keep.
    Followed by a peaceful day.

    Was able to do a bit of Physical therapy,
    Hoping for a night without meds,
    We shall see.
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  • A Tale Once Told

    Especially in my case, is enough,
    Started the telling a little after eight this morning,
    Slowly word added to word added to stuff,
    Brimgs me up to date, ’til   dawning.

    Can be found on

    But I am better. though it took me all day to do a page.



    Drifting across dusty ruffles of town,
    Even a view of  the mountains from there,
    Gives uckle muckle dun.


    Painted with ugly bare.


    One pretty spot,
    That opes to view,
    Suggesting its got,
    Stories to shew,
    Songs to sing and more – a lot.













    Last night, I slept.
    Much as  I did of yore.
    A combination of pain pill and muscle relaxant  kept,
    Me from being aware of being sore.

    The are new things affoot,
    That hold promise,
    Given me by someone astute,
    No ifs, ands or commas.
    Due  to limitied keyboard time,
    full story on