July 7, 2008

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                                            Kelli and doug

    Somehow each night come time to sit at the keyboard the days activities  have been such that about all I can do is - – - – -  sit  – - – - -.  Tonight is the same, after a big family party and visit yesterday and necessary running today,  I’ve had it.   But life lives its self as  it wishes, I do hope it keeps the promises i make it tonigh when daylight arrives . . . .

    Yes, Kelli and I met and it was wonderful.
















                                         Kelli and doug


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  • A very nice picture Doug.  Yes, Life lives itself as it wishes and sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

    Take care my friend.  Always good to read you.


  • You rock honey………..Glad you

    had a great time with a beautiful woman to boot.

  • Great photo — and hey, big gatherings, much fun as they can be, can be exhausting! Glad you had a good time.

  • Loved the picture. For all that is going on with you you still take a wonderful photo.

  • Hey, Doug.  I hope all is well; looks like it is.  My now 8-year-old son has a shirt, “Bear Lake, the Caribbean of the Rockies,” and your shirt reminds me of that!  Seeya.

  • You both look so happy Doug. Awesome!

  • What a great photo and beautiful smiles. Wishing you the best.

  • You both look happy…I like your fun Hawaiian shirt :)

  • I tell you Kel’s husband better watch out for you!

  • Hi Doug. So glad you are updating at xanga. I think of you daily. You are looking well. What a gorgeous smile you have.


  • What a beautiful picture, dear Doug! What a wonderful thing to be able to meet Kelli. I hope you are feeling better, you look so happy in that pic. My prayers remain with you and your lovely Heather.

  • Yes, it was so nice to see You and Kelli and Heather on pictures.  You look so good and happy. This made me feel better too.  I still think of you and pray for better times for You and Heather.  Yes, I do.

  • Both of you enjoyed the meeting . The photo shows that very well .

    In friendship

  • 12 days without news , Doug ?

    You have my support and friendship

  • Doug, I hope you’re hanging in there :)

  • I’m proud of you for surviving a family party and doing “necessary running” the next day, Doug! Can’t keep a good guy down! You and Kelli look so great in the picture. It really is an upper to see your smile like that!
    Nothing lasts forever, but we can sure give it a try!

  • Just found out that you are in the hospital, Doug! Prayers being sent your way. Hugs!!!

  • I heard about the “pewmonia”. Are you feeling better yet? I hope so. :)

  • Just to say Hello Doug . With all my best wishes for you .( I know via BLB you are at the hopital )

    In friendship

  • You were on my mind today and always you are in my prayers. I thought why not come in and send you some love. God Bless Dorothy

  • Just coming by to say HI again.  It is good to see again the pictures and up dates.  And read again the poem of the Birthday girl.  May only good things come to you each day.

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