July 5, 2008


     It’s nutty, I guess for a man with an autistic, contrary   way.   But like my dog,  therein hangs this tale.  

    My first awareness said to me, “Hey, part of you is missing, wonder what, why and how come ?”  

    That  aching, lonely void cried to be filled by another body, personality, ally  -   what ever called, I needed it to join for me to be  a complete entity. Although my life was full nd happy there  was alwaya room for more searching.   

    Questions to Mom, Dad, Granny were vain,  our doctor was no help either and life wewnt on . . . . .











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  • May God be with you.



  • Doug, please keep us up dated on your situation as you feel up to doing so. We do care about you and Heather.

  • Great picture in previous post. Assuming daughter with you.

  • Hi from Randy.

    You mentioned autistic for some reason.  That is very interesting.

    Some people have Xanga sites where they talk about raising autistic children.  I sometimes wonder if there are wymyn who have a fetish for autistic men.  I tried to read up on autistic people’s sex lives and there was a Danish study that I found on Google.  One guy, who was verbal and lived in a group home, traveled around Denmark and took photographs of street signs of streets named after women, as part of his effort to deal with the sense that he needed to find a wife.  Others used some atypical household objects as sex toys, such as pots and pans.  I find that interesting but I am not a social worker and I have a lot of other problems of a much more immediate nature besides teaching dating skills to those with autistic spectrum diagnoses.

  • It’s good to see you here, Doug, and such a nice picture, sounds like that’s Kelli with you and Heather.  How nice to have a visit from her and her family.

    Take care, rest easy, and here’s a big ol’ hug for you and Heather.


  • Sending many hugs and prayers to you and Heather. So good to see you writing again!!!

  • @forwhomthebelsentolls - 

    So strange! I’m a mother of a child with Autism.. and I can tell you as a woman, that surely has never crossed my mind! LOL :D

    Doug, I hope you are hanging in there. I’m thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way!

  • I fiiled my retard in the commenting , Doug . You had a great time lately .
    Please keep high spirit . Sometimes the unexpected things comes .
    take care my friend,


  • Sending hugs and prayers. A kiss too Dorothy

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