July 26, 2008



    At   a birthday party,
    For dear Emily today,
    Oh, it shall be hearty,
    And full of fun  play.

    Ice cream and cake,
    With soda pop wash,
    Colors ‘n tastes,
    ‘L have effect b’gosh,
    No wastes.

    Oh, do have at it,
    Have great fun Emily,
    It’s your day !

    Go the HAPPY BIRTHDAY way !  !




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  • Happy Birthday to Emily!

    (It’s so nice to see you posting. Be well.)

  • It must be nice to be the patriarch of several generations.  You did something right!

  • Dear Doug…….what a blessing to see a post from you. Happy Birthday to Emily. Blessings to you and Heather.

  • Sweet poem! God bless, ~ Pete

    “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

  • Happy Birthday to Emily! I love the poem. Nice to hear from you.

  • Wonderful – she will love that.

  • Happy Birthday Emily. Great poem. God Bless you Dorothy

  • Happy Birthday to Emily!  Your poem is so delightful!

  • Boy, this will certainly be something fun for Emily’s scrapbook! Hope she had a great party–and that if you couldn’t be there, you could relive some of the really good times in birthdays past. Knowing you, I’ll bet that’s what you did. Unless you took a mental visit to some wonderful place in the mountains and stayed there awhile. I really loved it when you could take us along with you, and it inspired me to do the same when I need a break.
    Love and prayers to you, Doug. We trust you that, if there’s any fun at all to be gotten from a situation, you’ll find it!

  • It’s so good to hear from you, Doug.  That’s such a fun poem for Emily, one she’ll keep I’m sure.  Happy Birthday to her.

    hugs to you and Heather,


  • A belated happy birthday to Emily.  I enjoyed your poem.  Hoping you are doing better.

  • Of course belated happy birthday to your dear Emily .
    The poem is admirable .

    Is not the poetry the best of medicine , Doug ? I believe this .
    In friendship

  • Checking your site Doug to say I will be absent of Xanga for a while starting from tomorrow Friday .( vacation then big works into the house ) .So goodbye for now with all of my best wishes for you .

    Needless to say I will think of you .

    In friendship

  • Thank you so much , my friend,  sharing another fun poem.  I do appreciate them.  Emily will love the words.  Happy Birthday to Emily.  God be with you and yours.

  • Hi Doug. It’s just little ole me breezing by to check in on you. I hope all is well with you, dear freind.

  • Doug, I hope all is well. I was looking for updates on you at BLB’s, but haven’t seen any.

    I hope you and Heather are having a nice weekend.


  • I have just received an update on you, Dear Doug. I pray for your return to health real soon. I am sorry that I have not been commenting lately, but I have not been doing too well either. One day at a time, I guess.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Heather.

    Much Love ,

    Edie Rose

  • Doug,

    I don’t know if you’ll get the chance to read this.. maybe someone will show Heather the comments.

    I just wanted to say that it has been a joy reading your journal and blog for the last 8 years or so. You are such a sweet man, and the love you have for your wife and for your family is amazing. You may be “human”, but you are still an inspiration. To think that your posts will be put together for the generations to come, so they can know all about you, is a wonderful thing. I hope your offspring will know that you touched many lives- the lives of strangers who all shared smiles and tears right along with you.

    Although we never met in person, you were kind enough to send me your picture long ago. I still have that, and will treasure it always. You have such a sweet face- a wonderful smile! I can only imagine that you’re doing your best to give a smile through your suffering. I will smile for you when you no longer have to suffer, Doug.

    All my thoughts and prayers are with you (and with Heather and your family).

    With much love and affection,
    Steph (mom2kiddos)

    Thank you for letting me (and the rest of us web folks) into your life!

  • Dearest Doug:

    I have missed your editorials and poesy so much of late. I received the most recent update and my heart hurts. I wish you could be well, but barring that, I pray that you will have no more pain.

    You’ve been such an inspiration and comfort to me since I discovered you on Diaryland. You will continue to be so for the rest of my life.

    Sending thoughts of love to you, Heather, and your family.

  • Hi Doug. Missing you here at xanga. It just seems like there is no sparkle without you here.

  • Goodnight, Doug. You’ll be sorely missed.

  • To Doug’s Family and Friends:

    I am so very, very sorry.

  • R I P doug, you dear man

  • Rest in Peace, Doug … Thank you for the gentle sunshine you sent my way. You’ll be missed.

  • stopping by to say hi and to see how you have been. I am sorry i have not commeted much. take care. have a great friday

  • Happy Birthday to Emily. How you feeling Doug? Judi

  • Good bye , Doug . You were a courageous man , an example for all .

    To Heather and family I send my condolences from France .


  • R I P Doug. Thankyou for your friendship. You will be greatly missed.

  • It’s hard to not stop in here, Doug. I know you’re no longer with us, but at least you’re in peace now. I’m glad your last post here was a happy, light-hearted one. :) Miss you!

  • Doug, I’m getting worried about you. The comments here make it sound as though you have passed, but I have seen no official word of such. I’m praying that you are doing ok and we will hear from you soon.

  • Doug, you whooooo, where are you?

  • I love you!  See you in Heaven!


    Joanna Ruth Himes-Murphy

  • Was just thinking about you today… missing dropping by and reading things you wrote… Feeling sad again, that you’re gone.  Knowing your family misses you greatly.

  • YouWhooooo, where are you?

  • I didn’t find updates about you, so I understood you are really gone, even if I wouldn’t believe it.
    I’m so sad. I miss you Doug!!!!
    I’ll miss you.
    A big hug to your family.
    Ciao forever.
    Annalisa (Turin, Italy).

  • Gone, but not forgotten!!!

  • Happy Birthday to Emily. I so think of you everyday. Hope all is well with you. Judi

  • To whoever is reading this: Doug Riddiger is a little bit older than me, a loyal Xanga subscriber of mine, a man whom I may have learned a few things from in some ways even though I never met him personally, he was retired, famous within his Xanga circle of friends, he had about 35, 36 years on me in age, had some health issues, but he wrote poetry and shared it with the world, shared his pictures with the world, if he is gone now, I think that many people will cherish his memory, I see people around me who do the wrong thing, not so many people around me do the right thing, the world lacks guidance, I will try to think of him often and think about what he meant to me and to what I would like to become, on my own journey wherever that may take me.

  • Glad to see you posting my friend. You are missed. I so miss you. Hope you have one of your greatest Christmas ever. May God Bless you and your loved ones. Judi

  • Dearest Doug. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. love you, Judi

  • How you feeling Doug. Judi

  • How sad. I’m sorry I did not come by earlier to check. Many blessings to all who wander through this.

  • I’ll always miss your lovely quirky poems, dear Doug.

  • I hear you laugh over the miles that  separate us. I miss you Doug. To Heather and family I send my condolences. I know how important Xanga was to him. Judi

  • RIP doug


  • rip

  • happy birthday kelly

  • I see longer periods of time are starting to pass between the comments, which really is the way of life. But every once in awhile it’s good to stop and look around. Take stock of what you have, and of the things that matter most. I think it’s also important to do that with the people who have walked through our lives. Stop every once in awhile and remember them. People like my mom who has been gone for a few years now, or people like Robert who I only met in passing a few times a year until he disappeared. Or Matt who made the choice to walk away from this life. Stopping in here occasionally reminds to touch that place in my memories where all of these people still reside.
    I hope someday people will remember me.

  • I think of you often. I miss you.

  • Missing you again.  Someday we’ll sit down and talk in a place that looks just like a Denver park.  Hope Heather is doing well. 

  • I am still remembering dough and thought to just come by again for a visit and read what he has left behind.

  • I was missing you today, and I thought that I would drop by and say hello.  I wish I could tell you all the things that have happened the last three years since you left.  Sleep well, friend.

  • send smile
    Doug. healthful Good luck

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